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Unicorn is a local leader in tech education. We proudly serve Spokane and the Greater Inland Northwest, partnering with regional employers to focus on local, in-demand skills. Our curriculum is built on the belief that the best way to learn coding is to write code. In each of our workshops you will develop your portfolio with projects that showcase your skills. Whether you are a professional or just beginning your journey in coding, our hands-on curriculum and personalized career services are ready to help you on your path.

Why Choose Unicorn

Career Focused

Local employers and industry leaders are involved in your education. Our curriculum is specially tailored to real demand in Spokane and the Inland Northwest. Join an expansive network of professionals and personalized career services.

Flexible Schedule

Your time is important. That's why we offer options. You have the choice to take the most comprehensive approach to your education with in-depth, full-time sessions, or a broader investigation focusing on the most critical skills through part-time evening courses.

Real-World Skills

Coding is a craft, not a science. At Unicorn, you will make amazing things and realizing your ideas. You will build up your portfolio of projects & and demonstrable skills.

Our Courses

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Intro to Web Coding

This course is designed to take you from zero programming experience to building your own websites by hand. By the end you will be a self-reliant coder with a strong skillset and a readiness to dive deeper into the web!


Full-Stack Foundations

Learn to build robust, beautiful, interactive web applications. This course focuses on high-demand skills for a career in web development today. You will hand-code every facet of an app—from databases to mobile interfaces, and will learn how to work professionally on the modern web platform.

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Average Salary

At the end of 2017, the average salary for software developers in Spokane County was $84,353. This figure varies from region to region, and for Washington State in general the average salary was $133,194.


New Software Jobs

Software development is one of the largest employment sectors in Washington State, with over 75,000 currently working. State-level forecasts predict an average growth rate of 4.2% in the near term, with over 20,000 new jobs being added.


Most Demanded Skill

In Washington State 21 of the 25 most common in-demand skills in the state are related to software development. Learning to write code is the most valuable skill today.

About Unicorn

Unicorn is a locally-sourced, low-cost, immersive coding school. Our curriculum is specially designed to meet the needs of employers in Spokane and the Inland Northwest. We understand that your time is valuable, so we offer a variety of schedule formats for our courses—full-time, part-time, and focused workshops. Our mission is to empower you to realize your ideas through code. Our coursework is intensely practical, focusing on making things and learning how to overcome real challenges.