Learning to code is more than just learning language syntax. The sorts of problems we tackle as developers require creative inventiveness and knowing how to apply cutting-edge techniques.

This Full-Stack Foundations course is the perfect way to launch a career in modern web-development. Learn how to hand-code your own web servers and administer databases, secure your systems from attack, and build attractive, interactive user-experiences on mobile & desktop.


After completing this course, you will have programmed each component of a modern web-application. These skills are easily transferrable to other subject domains, and form a strong foundation on which to build specialized knowledge in web-programming. This course will set the stage for your future endeavors, whether you want to go deeper into exciting UX-design, fight cyber-security on the front-lines, process big data with artificial intelligence, or freelance as a local developer in your community.

Topics we will cover:

  • Modern HTML5

    • Advanced topics in web graphics (SVG, WebGL)

    • Cross-browser compatibility

    • 3rd-party embedded content

  • Internet protocols

    • HTTP & HTTPS

    • Low-level network analysis and trouble-shooting

    • How to manage web-hosting & DNS records

    • Hosting your content on CDNs

  • Advanced CSS3

    • Animations & transitions

    • Responsive design

    • Bootstrap framework

  • JavaScript (ECMAScript 6)

    • Object-oriented & Functional dialects of modern JS

    • The jQuery ecosystem

    • Best practices for MVC front-end applications

    • XHR (AJAX) techniques for leveraging 3rd party services

  • Front-End Frameworks

    • Google’s popular Angular framework

    • AOT compilation, minification, and code-splitting

  • Real-world build tools

    • Modern build-tools & module systems (Gulp, WebPack)

    • TypeScript

    • SCSS

    • HTML templating

  • REST API design

    • Build a full set of CRUD features

    • Flask framework for Python

  • Database management

    • Powerful and feature-rich Postgres database to manage your data

    • Database migrations

  • Agile techniques

    • Git & GitHub

    • Test-driven development

    • Server supervision & automation


  • Weekdays: 12 weeks, 60 sessions total
  • Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm
  • Tuition: $4500 (scholarships available)

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Course Schedule

Section 1

HTML5 & Git

By the end of Day 1 you will code and deploy your own website onto the public web. Learn the basics of HTML—the language underlying every site on the web—and begin using it to build your new portfolio. You will also harness Git—a powerful tool used by professionals to manage their code.

Section 2


Add character & uniqueness to your creations with CSS. Short for 'Cascading Style Sheets,' CSS is how we configure the look of websites. Learn the principles of designing for the web—including best practices for responsive design, which ensure your sites looks their best for both mobile and desktop devices.

Section 3


Add life to your websites with JavaScript. The most popular programming language today, JavaScript is the tool to make websites interactive and dynamic. You will learn how to use this robust and powerful language to add interactive user experiences to your projects.

Section 4

Angular & ES6

Today's feature-rich, interactive web apps are demanding on developers—that's why we use powerful frameworks like Angular and React. Work with these industry-standard libraries to create highly-interactive progressive web apps.

Section 5

Python & REST APIs

The interface on your user's device is only half of the story. Learn how to write your the backend server-side programs for managing user accounts and handling their data. You will use modern Python libraries for creating scalable web-services and REST APIs.

Section 6

Capstone & ProDev

Get set to launch your new career. In the last stretch, you will design and implement a capstone project showingcasing your skills. And to prepare for the future, we will workshop how to land your dream job through a series of mock interviews and professional development practices.